“Antroposcene” is a project born from a collaboration between the Cities of Dolceacqua, San Biagio della Cima and Soldano, ETT Solutions, CAI Bordighera and the Luzzati Foundation – Teatro della Tosse, thanks to a grant from the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (In Luce Grant).

The cultural identities of these small towns in the westernmost part of Liguria, in the inland area between Bordighera and Ventimiglia, have very much in common. “Antroposcene” was born on these Flysch stone hills, where over time human settlements gave places their names — the ‘nomeranze’ (an old Ligurian word that originated the classic term ‘numerata’ or nickname, as a place of prominence). “Antroposcene” is an open-air virtual Ethnographic Museum, which recognises Flysch as the common element, and offers a spectacular route back to the castles, through the Greeks, the Romans, and the Middle Ages.

This ethno-anthropological route is based on integrated actions: the landscape is an element representing the common culture and symbolic heritage of local communities. “Antroposcene” begins with the mapping of 20 assets of great historical, cultural and environmental interest, and narrates the landscape – a tangible and intangible shared heritage, valuable for the three local communities and for visitors. The landscape is based on stone, on the dry stone walls that maintained the integrity of these places.

“Antroposcene” takes audiences to discover vertical Liguria; the narration unfolds through dedicated historical routes enhanced by digital resources, immersive technologies and augmented reality, to also engage people with reduced mobility. This theatrical narration finds its ultimate expression in a performance that will be presented in theatres in other cities.

One of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy


A medieval village in the heart of the Nervia valley, uniting history, legends, traditions, art and culture – from the Iron Age, through Monet, Renoir, and the Dorias, to the Rossese di Dolceacqua D.O.C.

Today known as the City of Roses


"San Giàixu", on the ridge of Monte Santa Croce, was first a fief of the Counts of Ventimiglia, then a municipality of the Republic of Genoa and a member of "La Magnifica Comunità degli Otto Luoghi" (The magnificent community of the eight villages).

Country pride


Hidden in the upper Crosia valley to escape the raids of the Saracens, Soldano is a town of ancient origins with a history steeped in agriculture: it's nestled among wattle, broom, roses, Rossese grapes, and Taggiasca olive trees.

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Antroposcene is the open-air Ethnographic Museum that narrates the widespread rural heritage of the local areas of Dolceacqua, San Biagio della Cima and Soldano. 34 km of paths, 20 points of interest, 6000 years of dialogue between man and nature. Stories of a rural construct to be protected, nature and community returning protagonists, ancient 'nomeranze' that have in the Flysch stone the common element uniting places and people. An ethno-anthropological journey guided by digital media and immersive dynamics that enhances and gives voice to the precious good that surrounds us.

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mail: info@antroposcene.it

address: Via Roma, 50, 18035 Dolceacqua IM

facebook: @antroposcene

instagram: @_antroposcene_

twitter: @antroposcene

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